Our Story

My name is Inbal Ben Yaacov and my company is a reflection of my life.
I was born and raised in Israel. I am connected to this land with all my heart in so many ways:  through its history and nature, from its picks to the Dead Sea.

Much from this love, I inherited from my family, mainly from my grandpa, Gavriel Shavit. He was a wall of knowledge, especially regarding the land of Israel. He took much interest in photography and botany. He also loved telling interesting stories about this land history and nature.

After my first child was born I started thinking more about the ways to save these connections for the generations to come.

Card games that born from love

Grandpa’s Footsteps born out of love for my grandfather, Gavriel Shavit, and also to the magnificent land of Israel.

These educational card games full of fun, knowledge and depth.

The games connect to the history and nature of the land of Israel.

When my beloved grandpa passed away, I felt as if I am losing my roots. Trying to overcome this feeling, the card games were created in his honor.

Every game connects you to the land of Israel in a different way and uncovers its glory; Discover this Holy Land regardless of these times and politics.

Enjoy “explore the land” (Num. 13:16) through our games. I hope to see you when you come to visit.

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